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Why are Lifestyle Factors Essential to Sustainable Health and Well-Being?

The rise in chronic disease trends and related healthcare spending in the United State is unsustainable. 

80% or more of all healthcare spending in the U.S. is tied to the treatment of conditions rooted in poor lifestyle choices.


Chronic diseases and conditions—such as hypertension, heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, obesity, and some cancers—are among the most common and costly.


They are preventable and even reversible with lifestyle choices. 

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Corporate Well-Being & Leadership Programs

Improve Health Habits and Reduce Stress

Boost Morale and Retention

Increase Engagement and Productivity

We offer Expert Talks, Programs, and Coaching in:

1- Employee Well-Being     2- Transformational Leadership     3- Mind & Body Wellness

Healthy, Happy People are Healthy, Happy Employees

Engage with Wellness Plans


Health & Well-Being 

Wellness Education for Employees



Empower Employees to Take Control of their Wellness

Mind & Body


Our Solutions-Oriented Approach Offers a Custom

1. Assessment - Discover your opportunities.

2. Strategy - Develop a smart plan of action.  

3. Implementation - Deliver customized programs.  

4. Evaluation - Review progress and results.

Read about our services and see us in action with one of our clients! 

Austin Associates, PA 


Our Clients


Thanks for your help with the class and coaching. It has helped me become a better person in many ways! I have lowered my A1c blood sugar levels, I am off my diabetes medicine, I have lost weight, and dropped two pant sizes - all due to being mindful and making good choices!

What a positive win for my health!

Integrative Wellness Class and Coaching Program Participant,

Good Shepherd Food Bank

Tisha has a unique combination of expertise and passion for people. She filled in gaps that were missing in our wellness program, particularly in the way she has connected with and motivated individuals to take personal charge of their health outcomes.   We unreservedly recommend her to any firm seeking innovative approaches to controlling healthcare costs by keeping employees focused on wellness.  

Gene Geiger, Chairman of the Board, Geiger, Lewiston, ME

Tisha did a lunch and learn at Androscoggin Bank in March of this year and was magnificent!  Her presentation was about the 5 Healthy Habits of Resilient People. It was attended by over 50 employees and everyone was engaged and interested.  She tailored her presentation to make it relevant to our work environment. She presented with great facts and a sense of humor. Her style is welcoming and friendly as well intelligent and factual.  I would highly recommend Tisha for her wellness presentations to any employer interested in sparking healthy behaviors at their organization!


Debbie Poliquin, AVP, Sr. Accountant and Wellness Committee Member, Androscoggin Bank

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