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Evolve, Unleash, and Achieve your Professional Potential.

We Help Develop Highly Effective Leaders

67% of Employees are NOT Engaged at work today. 


We make a positive impact on:

  • Company Culture & Employee Engagement

  • Productivity, Creativity & Innovation

  • Attracting & Retaining Top Talent


Our programs offer effective training on the top employee engagement and human-centered leadership skills. We will help your team improve workforce motivation, collaboration, creativity, inclusion, decision-making capacities, and empathy. 

Our Offerings for Leaders and Teams

Each program is customized to your organization’s needs and offers two features that will improve your leadership impact:

Individual Professional Development Coaching

Motivational Talk, Workshops,  & Coaching in:
Mindful and Transformational Leadership Skills

Employee Experience/Motivation 
Team Interactions/Function/Cohesion 
Professional Growth & Development 


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Leadership Workshops and Trainings

Our Workshop Topics Include:

The Mindful JEDI Project (A DE& I Program)
The 5-Essentials of Effective Teams
The 5-Habits of Exceptional Professionals
The 5-Exemplary Attributes of Mindful Leadership

The 5-Fundamentals of Human-Centered Leadership

Any Transformational Topic, Based on Your Objectives

We help Leaders Motivate, Guide, Challenge, Support, and Model Healthy Behaviors; improving their interactions with Employees and Teams, and better equipping them to Achieve Organizational Results!

We help managers and leaders refine their skills.


Our programs are tailored to help improve managements' capacity to:

Understand Diverse Perspectives

Increase Empathy for Authentic Connection

Synergize Ideas for Innovative Solutions

Appreciate Strengths for Positive Outcomes

Motivate and Energize People to Thrive


Individual Professional Development Coaching Services

Leaders and Teams

Leaders play a key role in the professional motivation and success of every employee as well as the organization. We train, guide, and support leaders to become more human-centered, motivating in a diverse environment, and impactful in creating positive outcomes.

Coaches Help Leaders Change and Grow by
• Providing a safe space to ground and reflect 
• Helping leaders navigate challenges and crises 
Developing awareness and expanding consciousness 
• Seeing and navigating blind spots and biases 
• Expanding capacities for transformation
• Enabling a change of thinking and behavior


Our coaching centers around how to build a culture of healthy relationships with the foundations of trust, open dialogue, and full transparency. We help leaders appreciate employee strengths, provide them with access to the right opportunities, and to create a clear culture of accountability.


We help leaders grow their capacities in the:

Fundamentals of Human-Centered Leadership
1. Expand Consciousness 
2. Cultivate Relationships 
3. Support Well-Being 
4. Integrate Diversity 
5. Develop Agile Cultures

Contact Tisha to discuss your needs and objectives. Your employees will love our offerings!  |  207-754-0931

Our Clients Love Our Work

I participated in the first round of the Mindful Leadership program and thought it was incredibly valuable, which is why I reached out to offer the training and individual coaching to my team.
The environment we are working in right now is incredibly challenging. The Inner Light Wellness approach has been critical for me in being able to manage workloads (time management suggestions), recognizing the effects stress or burnout have on not only your own but your staff’s mindset, and how it effects your/their ability (physical and mental) to respond and the importance of boundaries. 

It was important for them to hear the significance of establishing boundaries for a better work/life balance which is so very difficult right now. I also can tell you I would not have recognized some of the burnout symptoms without having participated in these sessions.

- Divisional Service Manager, Washington DC    

Our team greatly appreciated and benefitted from the Essentials of Effective Teams workshops we did with our Inner Light Wellness coach. We all learned so much, rebuilt trust, and are operating in a much more effective way. We highly recommend this series.

 - Healthcare Management Group, Central Maine    

What Makes Us Different:


A Well-Being at Work Approach

We help leaders and organizations create a culture that nurtures, values, and positively develops Employee need for opportunity, access, and guidance in these
5-Areas of Well-Being: 



Transformation for Better Results

We capitalize on building trust, respect and healthy professional relationships, helping guide leaders toward greater appreciation and accomplishment in these 5-Areas of Mindful Leadership:

Growth-Mindset & GRIT
Strengths-Based Leadership
Collaborative Communication
Team Connection & Cohesion
Empathy & Compassion



Transformational Leadership Programs

Boost Morale and Retention

Increase Engagement and Productivity

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