Chamber of Commerce Breakfast - Wellness Takeaways

June 13th, Lewiston Auburn Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce Breakfast

Tisha Bremner Sun Journal photo by Kathryn Skelton

Tisha Bremner, a wellness consultant, coach and advocate, and owner of Inner Light Wellness and Gene Geiger of Geiger spoke about their collaboration to bring over-all well-being to Geiger at a recent Chamber of Commerce Breakfast.

Tisha has worked with companies such as Geiger on modifying mindsets, reducing stress, and fostering healthier habits.

At Geiger, she's provided classes and one-on-one coaching focusing on overall wellness and a growth mindset, and recently implemented a new stretching program.

“Yoga, Zumba, and some strength training programs can happen in a conference room,” Bremner said. “You can have walking groups, walking meetings.”

Geiger has been successful in keeping health costs down for its employees by providing wellness programs that focus on sickness prevention and keeping people out of the emergency room. With Tisha, they are expanding their wellness offerings to provide overall well-being.

“We work and live in a talent-thin state where the workforce is about to decline and we have to be a first-choice employer,” he said. “Once in, our practices and atmosphere must be so good that people don’t want to leave our organization. We’re excited about the results (of working with Bremner) so far.”


The Buzz: Chamber of breakfast serves up wellness takeaways

by Kathryn Skelton


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