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Empowered Resilience Podcast

Tisha recently joined Dr. Phil Finemore on his podcast, Strength for Your Purpose. Check out episode 53 "Empowered Resilience with Tisha Bremner" for a great discussion on how Inner Light Wellness crafts successful corporate well-being programs that transform organizations by improving employee health and morale and better engagement in groups.

You can find this episode anywhere podcasts are found and on the video version on YouTube.

The Strength For Your Purpose Podcast is hosted by Dr. Phil Finemore, PT, DPT, Cert. DN, Cert. VRS, owner of WorkFitME Mobile Physical Therapy. Dr. Finemore aims to help busy Maine professionals find the mental, emotional, and physical strength to fulfill their true purpose in life. The podcast's mission is to approach the topic of wellness holistically and show you how outer and inner strength can spill over to all areas of life, creating waves of positive change in its path.

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