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Growth Mindset Habit #1: Grow for Life

Updated: Jul 25, 2021

Become more engaged at work and in life by cultivating a Growth-Mindset and watch your performance and happiness soar!

My grandparents taught me that at any stage in our lives we could take action to improve and make things better for ourselves and the world in a meaningful way. I saw them become better people along the way and this attitude has inspired my first habit of Healthy, Resilient People. I believe that individuals and organizations can improve in important ways at each phase of their development. 

I teach the importance of attitudes around growth as a baseline tool to help my clients: organizations and individuals, do better personally and professionally, utilizing the principles of what Carol Dweck calls a Growth-mindset. Our mindset shapes the way we behave in taking on new challenges, how we see our abilities, and the way we respond to challenges and failures. These aspects are on a continuum from being Growth-oriented to Fixed-oriented and vary across different aspects of our lives. 

How would you rate your mindset? Read on to learn more about the two ends of this continuum.

People with a Fixed Mindset obstruct their own development through their belief in innate talent and their fear of failure. Some basic beliefs and behaviors that fall under the Fixed category are:

An individual’s talents and abilities are innate, set in stone, and you are either talented or not

Seeks approval, certainty, and plays it safe 

Sees failures and feedback as personal and disasters

Avoids taking challenges, engaging fully, and avoids difficulties

Identifies thoughts or ideas personally, rejects criticism

Considers effort to be valuable only if positive results are achieved

Expects reward without effort

Gives up easily and lets setbacks derail them

“Why should I bother” attitude

People with a growth mindset work hard and train hard to ultimately realize their potential to the fullest.

+ An individual’s talents and abilities are developed by hard work and effort, you are in full control of your growth and possibilities

+ Sees failures or stumbling blocks as opportunities for improvement

+ Take risks, engages fully, relishes in challenges

+ Considers thoughts and idea generation as a process of becoming better

+ Embraces challenges, considers effort as a way to become stronger

+ Accepts criticism and feedback, uses it as constructive

+ Equates reward with effort

+ Never gives up - tenacity & resilience, persists in the face of setbacks

+ Has a “What more can I do” attitude

Do you see any opportunity to develop a more growth-oriented mindset in your organization and if so, how would this impact the quality of your employees’ lives and capacity for success at home and work? Are you interested in taking a deeper dive? I’d love to hear from you.

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