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Growth Mindset Habit #3: Eat Your Medicine

Updated: Jul 25, 2021

Do you ever feel confused about what your dinner plate should look like?

So often in my coaching programs, people ask me what it is they should eat. The evidence is truly out there to have a plant-centered diet, specifically eating lots of fresh vegetables. What I like to use as a reference point is the Harvard Healthy Plate. It is based on sound nutritional evidence. Here’s an excellent illustration of what your plate would look like and how many servings you should try to have each day to maintain optimal wellness and to manage your waistline to a healthy range.

The reason why eating this way is so good for you is because plants are nutrient-rich sources of energy and fiber. They meet many of our nutritional needs while being low in calories, low in fat, and high in the essential vitamins and minerals we need for the best health possible.

Take for example the following calorie comparisons. You can eat way more fresh vegetables than you can eat for similar calories of these processed foods.

Are you looking to help your associates learn ways of making eating healthy a priority for your company? Reach out to me. We are here to help!

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