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November is National Diabetes Awareness Month.

Updated: Jul 25, 2021

United by a common purpose. Right now, things are difficult for people living with diabetes—and for those who love them. Between the constant bad news and the bleak forecast, it's easy to feel powerless, afraid and small.

Enough is enough. It's time to embrace a message of hope and empowerment. Because hope is greater than fear. Actions are greater than words. And unity is greater than division.

November is American Diabetes Month—a time to take action together, as a community. Because together, we can conquer this disease. Together, we stand greater than diabetes.

Don't miss these special events!

11/06: Tracey Talks

CEO Tracey Brown talks live with the co-founders of Diversity in Diabetes. Join us on Facebook, YouTube & LinkedIn / 6 PM ET

11/10: ADA Live with NEI

Our own Dr. Bob Gabbay and NEI's Dr. Emily Chew talk about eye health. Tune in on Facebook, YouTube & LinkedIn / 4:30 PM ET

11/12: Ask Dr. Bob

You ask, Dr. Bob answers! DM us your diabetes-related questions for this live Q&A on LinkedIn, Facebook & YouTube / 4 PM ET

11/13: #BeAFriendFriday

Inventor Thipok "Poom" Cholsaipant talks about helping people thrive with diabetes. Watch on our national Instagram page / 3 PM ET

11/17: Live Cooking Event

We're teaming up with JDRF to share some tasty pumpkin recipes. Join us live on Facebook, YouTube & LinkedIn / 6 PM ET

11/20: #BeAFriendFriday

Rap artist J Young MDK learned he had diabetes at age 29. Hear his empowering story live on our national Instagram page / 12:30 PM ET

Thriving > Surviving

Making healthy choices and taking steps to manage your diabetes can ensure you don't just live but thrive with diabetes. But it's important to take steps now-your health can't wait. It's time to thrive by finding a balance of nutrition, physical activity and mental health management.

Eat Healthy

Stay Active

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