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Companies that implement effective wellness programs 

see the cost benefits.

*Depending on your program, you could expect an average ROI of close to $6 for every $1 spent on employee wellness, according to results from 56 studies on the subject.

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We Improve Biometrics and Health Risks

Our education programs and personalized coaching deliver tangible results.

Average Improvements in Key Health Factors - Overall Group Coached in 2 Years





(good cholesterol)







Our programs are successful in decreasing health risks and increasing participants likelihood to continue on a healthier path. 

The groups rated our work on a 1-5 scale

1 = Highly Dissatisfied  |  3 = Neutral  |  5 = Highly Satisfied

How happy are you with the impact on your health?

Wellness Participant Survey Results

Overall, participants are satisfied with wellness coaching and are happy with the positive impact on their health.

"We were experiencing an abnormal increase in our worker's comp. injuries and really did not have a solution to controlling this trend. So we contacted Inner Light Wellness to come in and review our workplace injuries. They came in and spent considerable time reviewing our records and what we found was a high percentage of soft tissue injuries that we felt could be controlled with an advanced stretching program designed for each work group. They came in and spent time on the production floor, warehouse and even with our truck drivers to see where we can improve.


Inner Light Wellness developed comprehensive stretch programs for each dept. Pre work, post work and during work time stretches. Several training sessions were held with every employee participating and the results have been very good. It's been a great relationship. They return for regular program refreshers when we have new employees start a job. We definitely recommend Tisha and Inner Light Wellness group for your wellness needs." 


Ray Briere, Brockway Smith Co.

Workplace Wellness Programs Work

*Recruiting and retaining top talent is always a challenge and a strong employee wellness program is just one more advantage in your toolbox.


Consider the wellness challenges every employer faces today and know we can help.

"Stress is the #1 workforce risk issue." (Towers Watson Survey, 2020)

Our Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction programs give people the tools to better cope at work and at home.

87% of employers plan to make employee engagement in health and wellbeing a top priority.

Our Lifestyle Medicine course helps associates take personal charge of their well-being.

72% of employers aim to use well-being programs as a key factor to attract and retain talent in order to build a high-performing workforce.

Our Mindful Leadership™ series teaches leaders to cultivate a culture of engagement, empowerment, and energize people to be their best.

Over the past decade health care costs have soared more than 50%

Our Corporate Wellness Programs keep people healthier and reduce healthcare costs.

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Reviews

"My experience with Tisha was very positive. The way in which she introduced meditation was encouraging, as my mind has a habit of wandering, and she encouraged us to be forgiving of that. There were moments where my mind would wander, and at what felt like the midway point, I felt exceedingly calm with no distractions. I didn’t feel different after the fact, but I can absolutely see where with practice, it could really create a positive impact on my focus and on my energy throughout the day." – Justin F

"This isn’t something I’d usually sign up for, but I have been wanting to try different methods of stress relief. To my surprise, I felt great after the meditation. I felt refreshed like I’d had a short nap. I’ve actually taken 5-10 minutes and done it on my own every day since.” – Kim Y

"I’ve tried meditation before and have never really been successful, but I have been successful in getting to that place in the classes with Tisha. Mediation I feel is going to be a huge benefit moving forward – a lot of the time I just cannot seem to shut my mind down enough to really relax and now (also continuing classes) I am learning to do so." – Caitlin H.

The groups rated our work on a 1-5 scale

1 = Highly Dissatisfied  |  3 = Neutral  |  5 = Highly Satisfied

How happy are you with the MBSR series?

"Great session! Easy steps to incorporate into daily life to help manage stress. Thank you!"

"This was exactly what I needed and I'm grateful it was short but made a huge impact." 

"Thank you, this was very informative. I am looking forward to practicing." 

"This was a fantastic session." 

Stretch Break Program Reviews

“We work in a busy and physically demanding environment. Since we started our regular stretch break program in the warehouse, we have not seen any injuries in our employees and we are thrilled!“ - Bill W.

"Any tool someone can use to feel calmer, more centered, more engaged, more peaceful, more focused, etc. is beneficial.  I feel that the 5 deep breaths at the start and end of our stretch routine is a mini meditation moment." - Rachelle P.

Get Results that Leave a Lasting Impact

Healthy, motivated employees are your company's most valuable asset.


We help you make positive changes to maximize the return on investment with your team.

MBSR Participant Survey

Evolve, Achieve, and Unleash
Your Business Potential

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