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Every company is different. To get the best results, businesses need a wellness program that works with their needs and priorities in mind. We work with companies and individuals in a customized way; helping them to achieve results. We strive to move organizations and people forward from where they are, to where they aim to go, bringing them to achieve their full wellness potential.

Customized Corporate Wellness Programs

Planning, Support, and Implementation

We help organizations implement intelligent wellness solutions, healthy lifestyle programs, effective health-promoting policies, and motivating incentive strategies to engage employees toward creating healthy habits, making better choices, and evolving toward their full potential.

*“Not only are wellness programs valuable for the organizations and their employees, they are our biggest hope for fixing a national health crisis,” according to Rajiv Kumar’s Blog in HBR on the “a defense of corporate wellness programs” Blog. 

Health Coaching Services

Individual Coaching, Health Risk Assessments & Biometric Consultations

We counsel individuals on what their biometric results mean for their health status and how to make improvements. We coach individuals on how to effectively create and execute a wellness plan that is customized for them, leading to greater success in every aspect of their lives.

*“Consistent with prior research, we find that lifestyle management interventions as part of workplace wellness programs can reduce risk factors, such as smoking, and increase healthy behaviors, such as exercise. We find that these effects are sustainable over time and clinically meaningful.” 2013 RAND Study.

Group Educational Classes

Integrative Wellness Educational Classes: In-office, Online & Video Offerings

We educate employees in group classes on the latest preventative medicine and lifestyle wellness topics. 

*Evidence-Based health and wellness information leads to better lifestyle choices and improved well-being mentally, physically, and emotionally.

Our program includes:

• An Integrative Wellness Approach

• Nutrition & Hydration

• Exercise & Movement

• Mindfulness & Positive Psychology

• Stress Management & Burnout Prevention

• Healthy Relationships & Meaning in Life

• Relaxation & Sleep Hygiene

• Sustaining a Lifestyle Approach to Wellness

A Unique, Engaging Approach

1.  Grow for Life

2.  Try, Try, Do

3.  Eat Your Medicine

4.  Just Move it!

5.  Fill’er Up & Go

The 5-Habits of Healthy, Resilient People ™ 

We make wellness fun and accessible for everyone with our coaching methodology and whole-being approach to managing stress and evolving habits for improved health. We offer creative support materials with our wellness challenge and wellbeing events calendars along with regular health and wellness newsletters to keep your organization interested and engaged with their personal and professional development.

*Personal growth and development create a culture of happy, healthy, and energized employees that benefits your entire organization.

Custom Stretch Break Programs for Injury Prevention,

Stress Reduction, and Motivational Movement

Mind/Body Refresh & Stretch Break Programs

Stretching, breath exercises and mindful awareness are among the most effective ways to mitigate the effects of mental and physical stress during the workday, whether you are in an office, factory, or distribution center setting. We develop and train associates on how to stretch, breathe, and practice mindfulness on the job to help them reduce a multitude of work-related and life stressors; keeping them safe, happy, and injury-free.

*Breathing well and regular movement helps to reduce work-related and life stressors; keeping people safe, happy, and injury-free.

Customized Stretch Programs for your Industry:

• Standing & Seated Office Settings

• Sales & Service Departments

• Warehouse & Distribution Centers

• Factory & Manufacturing Settings

 Delivery Services & Truck Drivers

Healthy Lifestyle Programs at Work

Yoga, Fitness, and Meditation Classes

Offering yoga, fitness, and meditation classes from gentle to intermediate level within your company that can easily be taught in a conference room. Rates are affordable and the teachers are fantastic! This can be employee paid or company sponsored, at your business location.

*When employees utilize mindfulness practices and exercise at work, they are better at collaborating with their peers and solving problems on the job.

Company Sponsored or Employee Paid

•Affordable Classes in Your Gym or Conference Room

•Before Work

•During Lunch

•After Work

Disease Mitigation Programs

Lifestyle Medicine for Optimal Health and Wellbeing

In support of the medical management from your employees’ physician, our lifestyle intervention programs address the lifestyle factors that support good health, utilizing the scientific evidence from the American College of Lifestyle Medicine and the 6-components of Integrative Medicine to support the improved wellness and healing process for at-risk employees. 

Our Programs include:

  • Healthy Waistline - Weight Management

  • Happy Hearts - Heart Disease and Diabetes Education

  • Happy Lungs - Smoking Cessation  

Our programs utilize the best evidence-based lifestyle management and mindfulness techniques that assist and inform people to better manage weight loss and quit smoking.


*Lean waist circumference and fewer smokers saves on health care costs for you and your employees.

Leadership Development Programs

The ​5-Excellent Attributes of Mindful Leadership™

We teach leaders how to better motivate and develop their associates by creating positive, inspiring, and empowering workplaces, enabling associates to grow, to let their talents shine, and to find the guidance they need toward optimal performance on and off the job.

*Leaders who show a genuine interest in developing their associates attract and retain better qualified candidates and cultivate a culture of success.

  1. EDUCATE to Identify & Manage Stress in the Workplace with Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction

  2. ENERGIZE your Organization with a Personal Vision & Growth-Mindset

  3. EMPOWER Associates with Strengths-Based Leadership & Intrinsic Motivation Tools

  4. ENGAGE People with Creating Connection & Collaborative Communication Skills

  5. EVOLVE your Workforce with Sustained Growth & Burnout Prevention Programs

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction

We teach employees and teams the principles of MBSR and how utilizing these awareness techniques can improve levels of focus, intention, and responses to stress, creating a more positive, purposeful, and productive corporate work culture.

*Studies find that mindfulness training increases confidence, intelligence, and focus at work, leading to greater well-being. Blog

Our program includes:

• Introduction to MBSR and Simple Awareness

• Attention, Intention, and the Brain

• Dealing with Difficult Emotions

• Dealing with Thoughts

• Managing Stress

• Mindful Movement as Medicine - Yoga

• Mindful Communication and Collaboration

• Cultivating an On-going Practice

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