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We Help Employees Improve Health Outcomes

80% of Chronic Diseases are Preventable and Treatable

with Lifestyle Habit Change.

Our programs have a positive impact on:

•    Biometric Results & Health Behaviors

•    Presenteeism & Absenteeism Rates
•    Healthcare & Prescription Drug Costs

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Our programs offer evidence-based education on the leading health and well-being topics. We also offer personal health and wellness coaching to help employees craft and execute a plan of action to make important improvements in their physical, mental, and emotional health.

Our Offerings for Employees

Each program is customized to your organization’s needs and offers three key features that will positively impact your peoples’ Health and Well-Being:

Individual Coaching
Biometric Consultations

Motivational Talks, Workshops & Courses in:
Lifestyle Medicine/Healthy Habits 
Stress Management/Mindfulness

Mental and Emotional Well-Being 
Personal Growth & Development 

We help Individuals understand what they want and need to be healthier and to live their lives in a way that gives them the strength, motivation, and success they desire to be alive with an energized sense of vitality.


Our Motivational Talks, Workshops & Courses

In finding success meeting needs and smaller goals, we know that people become intrinsically motivated, gain the capacity to reach higher, and find personal fulfillment, allowing them to thrive at work and at home.

Our Motivational Talks, Workshops & Coaching Programs Include:

5-Habits of Healthy, Resilient People

An Integrative Approach to Wellness

Lifestyle Medicine for Optimal Health

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction

Mindset Management for Mental Clarity

Emotional Agility for Improved Resilience

Empowered Action for Better Stress Management 

We help Individuals meet their health and well-being needs and goals, to stay accountable on the path, and gain self-confidence and self- efficacy

Individual Health & Well-Being Coaching Services

Individual Coaching, Health Risk Assessments & Biometric Consultations

We counsel individuals on what their biometric results mean for their health status and how to make improvements. We coach individuals on how to effectively create and execute a wellness plan that is customized for them, leading to greater success in every aspect of their lives.

*“Consistent with prior research, we find that lifestyle management interventions as part of workplace wellness programs can reduce risk factors, such as smoking, and increase healthy behaviors, such as exercise. We find that these effects are sustainable over time and clinically meaningful.” 2013 RAND Study.

Planning, Support, and Implementation

We help organizations implement intelligent wellness solutions, healthy lifestyle programs, effective health-promoting policies, and motivating incentive strategies to engage employees toward creating healthy habits, making better choices, and evolving toward their full potential.

*“Not only are wellness programs valuable for the organizations and their employees, they are our biggest hope for fixing a national health crisis,” according to Rajiv Kumar’s Blog in HBR on the “a defense of corporate wellness programs” Blog. 

Contact Tisha to discuss your needs and objectives. Your employees will love our offerings!  |  207-754-0931

Custom Stretch Break Programs for Injury Prevention,
Stress Reduction, and Motivational Movement

Mind/Body Refresh & Stretch Break Programs

Stretching, breath exercises and mindful awareness are among the most effective ways to mitigate the effects of mental and physical stress during the workday, whether you are in an office, factory, or distribution center setting. We develop and train associates on how to stretch, breathe, and practice mindfulness on the job to help them reduce a multitude of work-related and life stressors; keeping them safe, happy, and injury-free.

*Breathing well and regular movement helps to reduce work-related and life stressors; keeping people safe, happy, and injury-free.

Customized Stretch Programs for your Industry:

• Standing & Seated Office Settings

• Sales & Service Departments

• Warehouse & Distribution Centers

• Factory & Manufacturing Settings

 Delivery Services & Truck Drivers

What Makes Us Different:


Lifestyle Medicine & Habit Change Approach

Nutrition, exercise, and stress management are the cornerstones of our approach. We utilize preventative, lifestyle medicine to empower the capacities of the whole person, along with inspiring values, meaning, and purpose to gain commitment, motivation, and results in helping people grow personally and professionally.


Intrinsic Motivation Yields

Better Success

We capitalize on individual strengths, SMART Goal planning, and vision development to teach people how to grow from the place of past successes. Recognizing what they do well, individuals will accomplish more; helping them to work through some of their most challenging barriers to improved health and wellness in an efficient and effective way.

Employee Well-Being Programs

Improve Health Habits and Reduce Stress

Decrease Healthcare Costs and Presenteeism

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